Saturday, April 21, 2007

Libel Case against Google and Wikipedia

Former Canadian Green Party campaign manager Wayne Crookes has filed a libel suit against content providers Google (Blogspot) and Wikipedia. He claims that these sites have hosted negative material about his person and have been the source of defamation.

Is this a free speech question? Blogspot is a blogging service, meaning that users are posting content. Similarly, Wikipedia is a content provider to which all users are free to edit. In both of these cases, neithre Google nor Wikipedia have made explicit attempts to defame Crookes. Instead, they are providing the framework for other users to make such comments.

The lawsuit should be filed, if at all, at individual posters and not to the service providers. If Canada has a similar law to the DMCA, then Google and Wikipedia should be safe. They had no means to know of the material on their servers, nor did they receive explicit requests to remove the material. Good luck, Crookes.

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Nematode said...

He has all kinds of lawsuits!

See []

See ued-by-wayne-crookes.html

He is soooing this little worm for writing this:

and yet it is all true!