Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well, it's been a rollercoaster keeping up with all the developments in cyberlaw and intellectual property. Just receiving the BNA Newsletter was enough to saturate your average college student, let alone one who wished to chase down the various leads that the newsletter suggests.

My biggest reward for this semester has been the realization of the variety and nuance in cyberlaw. It is an engaging and evolving field, and very exciting in that it offers to many gray areas, areas that are bound to change as technical capabilities change alongside social practices and norms.

The internet offers an unparalleled venue in which to play out a multitude of human interaction. And as we have now learned of humans, interaction often entails conflict. And where conflict arises, the law steps in. This legal intervention has been particularly enchanting for me. How can we modify the law to better serve the people using it? How do we adapt legal conventions to fit emerging technologies? Cyberlaw is quite a multifaceted field, and I am happy to have waded through some of its many topics.

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